The Line - Window Concept

We were thrilled to work with our brand partner JOSEPH on the launch of their 2024 ’The Line’ window concept. Working closely with their in-house creative team, the inspiration for the scheme was taken from the work of renowned Sculptor Tony Smith, who creates artworks that reflect his fascination with geometry, mathematics, and industrial materials.

The Concept has a minimalist approach, marked by the use of simple geometric shapes such as cubes, cylinders, and tetrahedrons. The sculpture is of monumental scale, that demands a physical and psychological presence and inhabits the entire space which in-turn creates a sense of awe and interaction between the viewer and the artwork.

The multi-angled framework was hand-built by our in-house joinery team, clad in MDF and then wrapped in a textured plaster finish vinyl. We also constructed a timber back-wall wrapped in a rich caramel gloss vinyl.

All graphic elements were produced using the most sustainable print production methods by our in-house 2D Studio with state of the art latex-ink printers.

The scheme has launched at their 77 Fulham Rd Flagship / JOSEPH

Creative & Technical Development, Production and Installation / B_RD


Festive Window Rollout

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